What do you know about IHP?

Published: 21 April 2015

How many members are part of IHP? What is an ICT module? When and how can IHP be requested to support relief assistance?

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Communications support to Vanuatu emergency

Pulished: 18 March 2015

IHP deploys to Vanuatu to support humanitarian coordination and assessments in response to the devastating cyclone (PAM) that hit the South Pacific late last week.

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Accommodating Ebola responders in two tented base camps

Living in IHP Base Camp Port Loko and Moyamba allows for more than 160 Ebola responders to concentrate on fighting Ebola while IHP caters for Ebola safe accommodation as well as food and water supply, internet connectivity and other facility services.

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Supporting foreign medical staff deployed to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone

Published: 24 February 2015

By providing safe accommodation, staff transport to and from the EbolaTreatment Centres(ETC) as well as supporting preparatory training activities, IHP enables 168 health staff of the Cuban Medical Brigade to concentrate on fighting Ebola in five centres placed in areas most affected by Ebola. 

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IHP supports UNDAC in assessing impact of Malawi floods

Published: 09 February 2015

In January 2015, Malawi was struck by severe flooding, and an UNDAC team was deployed upon the request by the Government. IHP has been an integral part of the mission through the provision of staff, IT- and Telecommunications infrastructure.

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