Working groups

The main purpose of the IHP working groups (WG) is, within the specific technical area, to maintain and develop rapid, effective and efficient IHP services with high technical compatibility and ensure a constant high level of quality in IHP’s response to emergencies. The terms of reference for the WG:s include the technical and managerial aspects of IHP deployments in the field, operational and tactical aspects at IHP HQ, during the full life-cycle of a deployment. Furthermore the WG:s support and develop relevant training within their particular technical area. The working groups are lead by a dedicated chair, who is responsible for the coordination of the working group's efforts. The WG:s normally conduct meetings 2 times per year and reports to the IHP focal points.

Base Camp working group

The main objective of the Base Camp Working Group (BC WG) is to ensure rapid, effective, scalable deployments of common IHP Base Camps. The BC WG is responsible for the office and accommodation Service Packages of IHP, including light base camp, base camp and prefabricated facilities as well as the logistics services.

Information management and ICT (IM/ICT) working group

The main objective of the IM/ICT WG is to ensure rapid, effective, scalable deployments of ICT services. The IM/ICT WG is responsible for the IHP support services coordination and ICT, which includes continous updates of hardware and software.   

Medical working group

The main purpose of the IHP Medical Working Group (MWG) is to ensure rapid, effective and efficient deployment of medical equipment and staff to support IHP operations. TThe main tasks is to ensure high quality of medical services delivered, through the establishment of common standards for equipment and staff, procedures and routines.  

Safety and security network

The main purpose of the IHP Safety and Security network is to ensure a coherent and appropriate safety and security perspective within IHP. The network is responsible for developing and reviewing the IHP secuiryt management system (e.g. safety and security policy, security plan, procedures and other safety and security arrangements) in the IHP network and to advise the IHP on all matters related to safety and security.