UN OCHA is deploying an UNDAC team to Tunisia

UN OCHA has deployed an UNDAC team (United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination) to Tunisia to assist with the humanitarian efforts in helping refugees from Libya.

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Base camp to Pakistan

Upon request from the United Nations IHP has sent a base camp to Pakistan to house 70 international aid workers in the southern part of the country.

The base camp will provide accommodation, kitchen and office facilities to the aid workers, who are participating in the relief work in the flooded Pakistan.

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IHP supports the United Nations in the Pakistan emergency

The International Humanitarian Partnership, IHP, will support UN OCHA after the major floods in Pakistan.

Three ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) modules, from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, have arrived in Pakistan. The purpose is to support UN OCHA (United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). The IHP team is designed to assist the United Nations and to assess the needs for incoming international relief as well as coordinating the overall humanitarian effort after the floods in Pakistan.

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The IHP-spirit at Camp Charlie

The base camp which is being built under the direction of IHP in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has a capacity for 230 people from different UN organizations. The camp is located within a large enclosed area called Camp Charlie, a little more than five kilometres from the airport.

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One of the largest IHP-operations ever

Haiti will be one of the the largest operations in IHP’s 15 year history. The partnership has received a request from WFP for an extended base camp with the capacity to support 200 UN staff.

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