Alarming humanitarian situation in Nigeria calls for IHP support

Published: 2016-11-24

The armed conflict in the north-eastern parts of Nigeria is taking its toll on the population. IHP is deploying to support the humanitarian efforts to augment life-saving assistance in Borno State. Two IHP staff members are on the ground to start the preparations and the remaining team members will be deployed within a few days.  

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IHP supports the relief efforts in Haiti

Published: 13 October 2016

An IHP team of three staff members were rapidly mobilized on Wednesday to deploy to Haiti immediately after the request from UNOCHA. The team is tasked to start the preparations for the establishment of light office, accommodation and coordination facilities in the worst hit area of Jérémie, Haiti.

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Hurricane in Sörland causing major devastation - Triplex 2016

Published: 26 September 2016

Triplex 2016 – “People have been fleeing their homes and several hundreds have lost their lives by this shocking and powerful force of nature, the Mayor of Sörland said earlier today. We are calling for international assistance to support our Government’s relief efforts. Solidarity amongst us will help to recover from this tragic event”.

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Shift of IHP chairmanship

Published: 01 July 2016

Norwegian farewell after a hectic 1,5 years, a year characterized by several disastrous emergencies. The Norwegian chairmanship has come to an end by 01 of July 2016 and one of the three founding members of IHP will take over the responsibility of leading IHP.

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IHP Light Base Camps enable hummanitarian operations in South Sudan

Published: 10 June 2016

Six Light Base Camps (LBC) with critical logistical base camp support for humanitarian aid workers have been established in South Sudan. The mission required IHP staff to overcome numerous challenges during six months of intensive work. The IHP mission has been conducted in cooperation with of IOM, aimed at establishing Light Base Camps for accommodating humanitarians in various deep field locations across the Greater Upper Nile area.

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