IHP Supports UNDAC in Albania Earthquakes

albania earthquake

Published: 2020-01-29

26th of November 2019 Albania was struck by several Earthquakes. After the initial rescue phase, an UNDAC team was established to support the local authorities with rescue and emergency sheltering efforts. As IHP was requested to support the UNDAC team, two experts from Finland were sent to Tirana, Albania. These experts are members of the Finn Rescue Team and were deployed by the Emergency Services Academy Finland.

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Biannual IHP Focal Point meeting hosted by Estonian Rescue Board in Tallinn, Estonia

Published: 2019-11-26

Every spring and autumn, the IHP Focal Points and the partners to IHP meet to discuss current issues and decide on these as well as the way forward. This time IHP members and most of the partners (OCHA, ECHO, WFP, UNHCR, IOM and MapAction) met 19 and 20 November in Tallinn.

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IHP ends its mission in Mozambique

Published: 2019-05-14

On 29 April IHP ended its support mission to OCHA /UNDAC in Mozambique after the current operations centre was moved from the airport at Beira to new locations in town.

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A team

IHPs support to UNDAC in Mozambique ends late April

Published: 2019-04-25

IHP will end its support mission to OCHA /UNDAC after the current operations center is moved from the airport at Beira to new locations in town. This will happen during the last part of April.

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IHP support to Mozambique carries on

Published: 2019-04-15

IHP has been supporting OCHA’s UNDAC mission to Mozambique together with the NMGO MapAction from the outset.

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