Rapid deployment to support relief efforts in Turkey

IHP immediately mobilised rapid support to the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on the 6 of February. Several team members and equipment was deployed within a few hours. The IHP teams provides necessary support to the UN and EU rapid response teams in several of the disaster struck areas.


CGDIS (Luxembourg), ESAF (Finland), ERB (Estonia), DEMA (Denmark), DSB (Norway), MSB (Sweden) and THW (Germany) have all contributed with staff and equipment to support the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team (UNDAC) as well as the European Union Civil Protection Team (EUCPT). Several ICT-kits and Light Base Camps were deployed immediately with the team members to support the establishment of reception and departure canters, on-site coordination centres as well as light base camps for accommodation of the UNDAC and EUCP teams. IHP is modifying it’s support and are also now upgrading the office and accommodation facilities with 12 prefabricated containers in Hatay, provided by DEMA. 

The teams on the ground provides a concrete and valuable operational support to the rapid response teams of the UN and EU. The IHP contribution is crucial in providing means of communication, logistical and administrative support in a very difficult environment. This support enables the responders to have a work and living environment to efficiently be able to respond to the needs of the population.  

In addition, the IHP member countries are dispatching emergency relief items, through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in support of the relief efforts. IHP members have  mobilised and continue to make available necessary items such as tents, blankets, generators, medical equipment and supplies and much more.  

The IHP deployments are provided through the support and funding from respective Governments.