IHP enables humanitarian response in South Sudan

Published 11 April 2014

IHP support the humanitarian community to reach the most vulnerable in South Sudan.

The support is provided through two projects, with the aim of improving living and working conditions for the humanitarian community. IHP is establishing several office and accommodation facilities at various locations across the country to assist in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the more than 1 million internally displaced people and more than four million people affected by the internal clashes and reoccuring natural disasters.

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The IHP teams have reached their designated locations – bases of operation are being established

Published 16 December 2013

All the three IHP teams deployed, together with light base camp, coordination infrastructure and ICT equipment, have reached the sites of operation in the Philippines. Team 1 is located in Ormoc, Team 2 in Tacloban and team 3 in Guiuan.

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IHP is responding to devastating disaster in the Philippines

IHP is deploying emergency supplies with the aim of supporting the humanitarian community’s relief effort.

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Base camp for South Sudan: Lack of roads, fuel and electricity demands new solutions

The IHP is providing field staff and equipment for five mobile base camps for the humanitarian community in South Sudan. Next week, tents for accommodation and offices as well as other equipment will be dispatched from Denmark to Juba and onwards. The road network is inaccessible and hence all cargo and staff movement has to be done by helicopter.

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TRIPLEX 2013: Major cyclone hits German-Danish border area

On the 30. September – 3. October 2013 over 200 people from 35 international disaster management and humanitarian organizations, the United Nations and the European Commission, will exercise cooperation and coordination during a large scale exercise where a fictitious cyclone hits the German-Danish border region.

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