Rapid deployment to support relief efforts in Turkey

IHP immediately mobilised rapid support to the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on the 6 of February. Several team members and equipment was deployed within a few hours. The IHP teams provides necessary support to the UN and EU rapid response teams in several of the disaster struck areas.

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WHO and Partners Provide Vital Support to New Treatment Centre for Ebola Patients in Uganda

Kampala - Luxembourg, Sweden and the United Kingdom, through WHO, have provided in-kind contributions of equipment and services worth US$ 995,000 (equivalent to over 3.6 billion ugx) to Uganda to equip the new Ebola Treatment Unit at Mulago Hospital, Kampala, and the treatment and isolation units in Masaka and Jinja.

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IHP providing UNDAC ICT Support in Equatorial Guinea

Published: 2021-03-17

On 07 March 2021 four explosions were heard in Bata, second largest city in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. These were ammunitions depots which exploded near military barracks and which caused extensive damages to surrounding structures. Among them were residential buildings and a newly built hospital. Initial figures from governmental sources spoke of 15 people who lost their lives and around 500 people injured, both children and adults. These figures later increased significantly into over 100 casualties and several hundreds injured.

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MSB taking over the IHP chair until July 2022

Published: 2021-01-22

Happy New Year and my best wishes for 2021! First of all, I wish to thank Mati and the Estonian Rescue Board for their leadership during the last one and a half year. Despite the massive challenges mainly caused by Covid-19, including changed priorities and various restrictions, IHP activities are moving forward.

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IHP is mobilizing base camps to UNHCR awake of escalating refugee emergency

Published: 2020-12-07

IHP has urgently been activated and is actively mobilizing support to UNHCR in Sudan. Several of the IHP members are involved in the scale-up of activities, with the aim of providing three base camps to the border areas between Sudan and Ethiopia.

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