The IHP teams have reached their designated locations – bases of operation are being established

Published 16 December 2013

All the three IHP teams deployed, together with light base camp, coordination infrastructure and ICT equipment, have reached the sites of operation in the Philippines. Team 1 is located in Ormoc, Team 2 in Tacloban and team 3 in Guiuan.

The three teams are currently establishing the infrastructure for office and accommodation, On-site coordination centers (OSOCC:s) and communication networks for the humanitarian community. The logistics challenges are immense and there are difficulties in finding fuel and other local supplies needed for the set-ups.

In additions to these deployments the Humanitarian Country Team, via the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Logistics Cluster, has requested IHP to expand the operations in terms of a large base camp set-up in Tacloban.  IHP is coordinating closely with the IHP team in Tacloban, WFP, the Logistics Cluster and OCHA in country to verify the request and establish a joint operational plan.

Team 1 Ormoc rescaled
Photo: Team 1 - Ormoc

Team 3 Guiuan 3 rescaled
Photo: Team 3 - Guiuan