Base camp for South Sudan: Lack of roads, fuel and electricity demands new solutions

The IHP is providing field staff and equipment for five mobile base camps for the humanitarian community in South Sudan. Next week, tents for accommodation and offices as well as other equipment will be dispatched from Denmark to Juba and onwards. The road network is inaccessible and hence all cargo and staff movement has to be done by helicopter.


The Logistics Cluster and UNWFP (United Nations World Food Programme) turned to the IHP and asked for support for setting up flexible and mobile base camps. From the sites the WFP, OCHA (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs) and other humanitarian organisations will coordinate and distribute support to the affected population.
DEMA in collaboration with MSB and CMC will assist with equipment and a team of five support staff. The harsh conditions, lack of road access, electricity and fuel affects the design of the solution provided by IHP. All equipment has to be light weight and the power supply for the base camps will be provided via solar power.
DEMA is providing support staff, office tents, tools and some power supply equipment and CMC is providing kitchen fixtures and fittings and tools. MSB is providing support staff, accommodation tents, water purification and a large part of the power supply equipment. The task of the support staff will be to lead the work setting up the base camps at the different sites in Jonglei State, and then hand over maintenance and management to the appointed organisations that will be working at the various sites.

Photo: IHP assessment team

Photo: Sema Panboon, MSB