Next TRIPLEX simulation exercise to take place in September 2013

TRIPLEX is a regular, IHP-run, full-scale simulation exercise, enabling a range of humanitarian actors to practice their response mechanisms in a sudden-onset natural disaster scenario. The next TRIPLEX will take place in the Danish-German border region from Saturday 28th September to Friday 4th October, 2013.


The event begins with a pre-exercise workshop where participants meet, have the possibility to present their organisation and receive training in different areas of humanitarian response. The exercise itself is then conducted over 3 days and includes; the deployment of UNDAC and other humanitarian response teams to the affected area, the establishment of ‘clusters’ for the coordination of a wide range of humanitarian actors, the setup of Base Camp facilities, and the full provision of IHP support services.

The goal is to train and exercise the use of IHP support capacities and services, exercise cooperation and procedures between IHP and its partners, and provide a training environment for humanitarian actors to exercise coordination, information management, assessment and other mission-related issues.

TRIPLEX 2013 will focus on cooperation, humanitarian coordination and joint response planning of humanitarian actors, as well as the provision of logistic support to humanitarian operations. The scenario will be a flooding disaster caused by a cyclone) where both rural and urban areas will be affected.

For more information on TRIPLEX 2013 contact the IHP Secretariat, Albrecht Beck – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.