Observers at the IHP meeting wish to become new members

Representatives from two additional countries were also present at the IHP meeting in Brussels at the end of November. In addition to the seven member countries, Austria and Germany also had representatives attending as observers.


Susanne Wacht from the German Organization, Technische Hilfswerk and Alessandro Friedrich from the Austrian organization, Support Unit Austria, expressed the desire for their organizations to become members of the IHP.

Kjell Larsson, chairman of the IHP until the 1st of July, 2010 said the following when the question of more members came up:

It is important for the IHP to have the ability to deliver when necessary, like when the UN or another organization asks for help. We are quite a small organization and with that background it is good for us to have more powerful members. Of course there is a limit for how large the network can be, but I think that there is room for a few more.

No one at the IHP meeting protested against this, and all were in agreement that when the observers return home, their organizations can begin to contemplate an application for membership. After that, the present IHP family can make a final decision on whether or not to expand the network.

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IHP chairman Kjell Larsson talking with observers

Two countries had observers participating at the IHP meeting in Brussels. To the right is Susanne Wacht from the German organization, Technische Hilfswerk, and to the left is Alessandro Friedrich from the Austrian organization, Support Unit Austria. IHP’s chairperson, Kjell Larsson (pictured in the middle) takes a positive stance regarding the admittance of additional members into the network. Photo: Stig Dahlén