IHP support to Mozambique carries on

Published: 2019-04-15

IHP has been supporting OCHA’s UNDAC mission to Mozambique together with the NMGO MapAction from the outset.

IHP has just replaced the old team supporting UNDAC (staff from MSB-Sweden, DSB-Norway, and CMC-Finland) with a new team (staff from DSB-Norway, CMC-Finland, and DEMA-Denmark). The team has completely integrated into the UNDAC mission together with ECHO Civil Protection experts and the MapAction staff. This IHP team will support until the end of April at which point OCHA will decide whether or not to request another extension. In connection with the new team arriving the Norwegian Ambassador, Ms. Anne Lene Dale, visited UNDAC and IHP in the coordination centre in Beira as shown in some of the pictures.

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Mozambique Norwegian Amb