Essential communications support rapidly deployed to Nigeria floods

IHP has rapidly mobilized and deployed several experts to be part of and support the OCHA UNDAC team that deployed to Nigeria end of September.

Published: 2018-10-03


Since the end of August 2018, serious flooding has affected at least 12 states in Nigeria, with rural areas being the most vulnerable. Results of the increasing incidents of flooding is mass displacements, deaths and destruction of homes and communities. IHP, through MSB and ERB, is supporting the OCHA UNDAC team and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) with three ICT specialists and one environmental expert.

The outcome of the mission is to have increased the capacity to plan and to allocate resources by supporting the national organisations to receive and to coordinate relief efforts in the most affected states. The UNDAC team will support the established emergency operations centers in the affected areas. The IHP staff will support the running of well-functioning and effective communications systems for the OCHA UNDAC team, and to provide technical support in regards to environmental hazards and impacts following the event.

The respective Governments of MSB Sweden and ERB Estonia are in support of and has provided funding for the deployment of staff and resources.