The effect on real response is undeniable – Triplex 2016

Published: 22 December 2016

Triplex is one of the largest humanitarian simulations, and during this year it brought together 36 organizations and over 70 nationalities. View the newly released Triplex 2016 video.  

Triplex is one of the largest humanitarian and civil protection field simulation exercises. This this year 36 organizations and over 70 nationalities participated. Triplex brought a realistic scenario which enabled the UN, EU, INGO, Military actors, private sector to test their emergency response procedures in a safe learning environment. 

IHP Triplex 2016 started with two days of different workshops offering insight into the latest topics, tools and mechanisms that drive humanitarian response. The 3 days of real-time simulation that followed provided the participants with the opportunity to practice their craft. The participants had an opportunity to work on assessments, coordination and initial response planning within a realistic scenario with many of their usual response partners.

The exercise took place in the southern parts of Norway and was hosted by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil protection and the municipality of Farsund.

Triplex 2016 – The Exercise


There are also three other versions of the video with a slightly different content.

Triplex 2016 – Full story – “This part is covering a snapshot of the whole exercise as such…”

Triplex 2016 - Preparations - "This part is covering the preparations and pre-exercise workshops…"

Triplex 2016 – The IHP support base camp - "This part is covering the IHP base camp and support during Triplex 2016…"