Support services in the pipeline for CAR crisis

Published 22 June 2014

IHP is planning to support the UN in response to the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) and the neighboring countries. IHP assessment teams have been deployed the recent weeks to analyze the needs and requirements on the ground.

An IHP team conducted an assessment mission to analyze the needs for a potential IHP support for an inter-agency UN office and accommodation in Kaga-Bandoro, CAR, in response to the emergency situation. IHP is led by MSB, with Denmark (DEMA) and Luxemburg participating within the IHP framework. The requesting organization is World Food Programme (WFP), with Unicef as implementing agency in its capacity as UN lead agency at the site for the new compound. Kaga-Bandoro, in northern CAR, is a strategic cross point between north and south and there is an acute need for a permanent UN presence. The capacity of the new inter-agency UN office and accommodation is planned for 40 staff. The project is expected to be implemented from June 2014 to May 2015, but may be finalized earlier, depending on how the situation evolves. "Sustainability and use of local capacity is key to a successful implementation of the project" - says Niklas Hansson (MSB Project Manager).

The other assessment team, consisting of MSB staff and a coordinator from UNHCR, was deployed between 1-7 June to Cameroon to assess the gaps and requirements in terms of office and accommodation infrastructure in the East and Amadawa Region of Cameroon. More than 84 000 people have crossed the border from CAR due to the conflict. The humanitarian situation is dire with over 50% children (according to Unicef) and high malnutrition rates. MSB is planning for provision of support with establishing a new locally constructed office and accommodation set-up in Djohong and reinforcing the existing UN office in Bertoua. "Establishing a compound to improve the living and working conditions for staff is extremely important to support UNHCR's operational capacity to provide assistance to the refugees in the region. We have long and recognized experience to provide such support and we aim to launch the project as soon as possible". - says Per Velandia (MSB Advisor). Funding has been approved by Sida, and MSB staff is being deployed this week to start the project implementation. The project will also include installing a temporary accommodation solution, provided by UNHCR, in Djohong. The project is intended to last between June-October 2014.

For further information contact the IHP Chair.