IHP is ending the mission in the Philippines

Published 15 April 2014

The IHP has been supporting the UN in the Philippines since a few days after country was hit by the Typhoon Huiuan. With the closure of the IHP base camp in Guiuan on April 10th, the IHP has now ended it’s mission, after nearly 5 months.

The mission started in November 2013 with the deployment of several light base camps, coordination centers and ICT experts to various locations across the country. The aim was to provide basic living and working conditions as well as coordination infrastructure to enable the humanitarian response to be established in an effective and efficient manner.

After a few days, the Humanitarian Country Team requested IHP to deploy a large scale base camp to Guiuan. Within a few days IHP mobilized the necessary equipment, staff and funding and arrived at the site. The facilities have been an important resource for the humanitarian community and have hosted staff from the UN, NGO:s and donors. IHP has also contributed with a reconstruction team that has supported the refurbishment of local structures for offices and meeting rooms in the area of Guiuan. 

The IHP base camp in Guiuan has had a capacity for housing approximately 65 humanitarian relief workers, with an average usage of 80%. Combined, around 5000 accommodation days has been provided by the IHP base camp.

The camp was closed on April 10th 2014 and the equipment have been donated and handed over to the World Food Programme (WFP) for later use.

In all, over 50 persons from IHP has participated in the various stages of the Philippines emergency.

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