IHP enables humanitarian response in South Sudan

Published 11 April 2014

IHP support the humanitarian community to reach the most vulnerable in South Sudan.

The support is provided through two projects, with the aim of improving living and working conditions for the humanitarian community. IHP is establishing several office and accommodation facilities at various locations across the country to assist in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the more than 1 million internally displaced people and more than four million people affected by the internal clashes and reoccuring natural disasters.

Thee mobile light base camps

The first projects is in support of the humanitarian commynity through IOM (International Organization for Migration) and consists of a team of four experts with necessary equipment to establish light and temporary base camps. The base camps will be located in remote areas in Upper Nile and Unity State.

The base camps are mobile and can be relocated in case of changing security situation. The equipment is light and can be rapidly assembled and dismantled. Each site will be provided with office and accommodation for around 25 guests. The project is a collaboration within the framework of IHP, and is supported by Dema and MSB.  

Prefabricated offices

The other project is provided in support of UNOCHA (United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs) and consists of prefabricated facilities to reinforce existing office compounds. The facilities will provide an augmentation for 18 staff and is planned to be established in Bor, Bentiu, Malakal and Rumbek.

– "Timing is critital! We need to reach the desingnated locations as soon as possible before the roads become impassable due to the rain. The rainy season seem to have started early this year which is not really in our favor. The security situation in the country is still tensed and may delay the implementation of the two projects" - Says Andreas Nillson (Project Manager, MSB - Sweden).

The project is a collaboration within the framework of IHP and is support by DEMA, MSB, Luxembourg and the European Union.